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Exhibition Pieces: Sweet Memories



Sweet Dreams, childhood memory inspired art works just in time for the holidays, the first online art exhibition for artist Sergio Borja. This series features silhouettes from some of our childhood’s favourite bedtime stories and movies we have all grown up with and now share with our families.

The artist’s objective was to have you step back in time to your childhood and remember when you first read these bedtime stories, watched them at the cinema or gathered as a family around the TV to watch the wonderful world of Disney on Sunday evenings.

Its these beautiful moments that inspire us to dream and look for a positive in our lives.

The series users a variety of bright and vibrant colours mirroring the original drawings from years past, Colour blocking also creates the illusion of texture through multi-layered paints, the presences of different shapes and patterns captures the stories enjoyments, memories, and richness.

Overall, this collection encourages us to reminisce our childhood memories, bedtime stories that have been read to us by family or loved ones. Now reflect and enjoy those happy childhood stories that gives us that whimsical mystery of excitement and inspires to enjoy them again and again with family and our loved ones.


Note that All artworks are:

- Hand Painted one off originals

- Feature signed and dates artist signature

- Certificate of Authenticity

- Painted on wood panel board

 - Unframed




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